General conditions and Privacy Policy
General Terms for the use of services, provided by the website:

These regulations define the General conditions for using the services on this website and the
Privacy Policy regarding personal data.
By accessing this website you agree that you accept these General conditions and agree to abide by them.
If you do not agree with the terms in this document, please do not continue to registration for
access to the pages of this website.

I. Definitions:

General conditions and Privacy Policy – this is the main document that regulates the access regulations, online presence in the website, and use of services provided in this website. This document has the power of contract between the Users of the website and the Service Provider - DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd.

Website /site/-

Service Provider – DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd.

User, Customer, Consumer– any natural or legal person, which by visiting the website can view the information, add and exchange information on the pages of the website, using the method designated in the relevant places in the website, and in compliance with the terms of this document.

Site Services – access to the contents of the pages in the public /common/ part of the website and allowing the creation and use of personal /private/ space /custom profile/; providing access for communication between Users; access to contents and information presented on the so called specialized pages - pages for special services /advertising/.

Thematic spaces - especially areas in the site organized on specific themes for exchange of information through photo, video, text materials, opinions, ideas, with opportunities for personal, professional and social contacts between users sharing the similar interests and information needs and communication called /thematic club spaces/.

User Materials – User’s own photo, video, text or other materials.

Partners – any person, with whom the Provider has business relations that has the right to present himself/herself /his or her business activity/ by presenting information on this website in compliance with regulated bilateral business relations.

Illegal, malicious actions /malicious attacks/ by third parties - third party actions that contradict the established international standards for Internet Ethics, including identity theft, server infiltration, information databases deface and deformation.

II. General terms:

1. The services in this website are provided for free for Users with registered access to the website. There could be some exceptions for the use of services for paid advertising presentation of goods and services of companies on the specifically mentioned and defined areas of the website.  

2. Users /individuals and companies/ are entitled to free access to the website’s public part. In the public part of the website it is not required of Users /is not necessarily/ to personalize themselves by means of personal /photo/ pictures or video materials.

3. Users /individuals and companies/ can create and use for free specialized pages on the website /private space/, where they can create and customize their profile as they wish, organize their personal, social networking, galleries and email, provide contact information at their own discretion and responsibility, as well as define by themselves the level of access to their personal space.  

4. Registration for access to the website’s pages is for free and requires selected by the User nickname /username/, existing /created in advance, functional and usable/ e-mail and password. Registration in this website does not require the collection of personal information about User name, birth date, sex and age, residence address and other personal data. If Users /individuals or companies/ wish, they can register through their existing or popular in the community unique names with which to personalize themselves and their personal pages at their own discretion and responsibility.    

5. Users are allowed, at their own discretion, to post /upload/ at the specified areas of the website only their personally created photo, video and commentary materials, with which to present and express their own attitude, preferences, interests and opinions, share information and opinions with other Users. This enables them to pursue personal, professional, social interaction and communication and be personally liable for the accuracy and content of the presented material and opinions. These materials are subject to authorization by website administrators via user id /username/, by which their author is registered on the website. Due to the voluntary nature of the materials put on the website by the User and the fact that these materials support the social presence of the User on the website, the User confirms and declares that it is for his/her benefit, does not infringe his/her copyright and the rights of third parties and no claim will be made to the Provider or third parties in connection with these rights.

6. Users can not present in the public part of the website and in their personal profiles materials with political, racial, religious, ethnic intolerant and sexually explicit contents; or contents with implied meaning that damages the reputation or good name of third parties; contents, inciting to violence, riots and public disorder or other types of contents unacceptable in terms of ethical standards and best international practices. The Provider of services and website administrators have the right to take down pages from the website, containing such materials, if the terms of this item have been infringed, without being obliged to notify the User, that has committed the violation. If such violation is systematically committed by a certain User, website administrators have the right to block access of that User to the pages of the website.  

III. Copyright:

7. All copyrights associated with developing and maintaining this website – informational and software resources, text materials and documents, galleries of visual materials, website contents and design are reserved. Unauthorized use without the express written consent of the copyright holders, copying or lack of quoting is an infringement of the Copyright Act and related rights and will lead to penal liability and claim litigation for moral and financial compensation that is in adequate to the damages proportion. Users or other persons, accessing this website, agree and confirm that they understand and accept the essence and meaning of the text of this item and the resulting consequences for them in case of infringement of these copyrights, or other texts in this document related to copyright and related rights.

8. Users may not present and upload on the pages of this website materials, of which they personally are not the authors. In cases when consumers, in order to back up with arguments and express their opinion and position on a subject or event /scientific, of public importance, in the sphere of arts or other/ refer to information and materials that are subject to someone else’s copyright, exclusively for personal use and for non-commercial purposes, it is recommended to cite the source and the author of these materials and documents, and wherever possible to indicate the connection /link/ to these materials. In these cases, Users are required to observe the requirements of the Copyright Act and related rights, international law and standards in this area, as well as other best international practices, related to copyright and intellectual property rights. Users are personally responsible for compliance with these laws and regulations in the field of copyright, if a claim is filed by the affected third parties, whose rights would have been violated.

9. The Service Provider is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of the information, expressed opinions, materials /photo, video, text or other materials/ of Users and the degree of subjective understanding, evaluation, acceptance and interpretation of the content of these materials and will not be liable in the case of Users submitting different materials in violation of the terms of this document, temporarily or accidentally present on the pages of the website until their removal from website administrators.  

10. The Service Provider is not a party in the relationships between Users, as well as in the relationships between a User and a third party, and will not be liable for these relationships, arising in connection with and as a result of the use of online services. The Provider shall only create and maintain the environment /website/ for establishing personal, professional and social contacts between the Users of this website services, without fully excluding the potential possibility for occurrence of temporary faults, inconsistencies and irregularities in the functionality of the website, and is obliged to correct such disruptions as quickly as possible and in good faith with the interests and needs of the Users.

IV. Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection:

11. The Service Provider will not collect and build databases of personal information about Users. Information about Users will not be disclosed to persons with unauthorized rights for access and inspection. The Service Provider is committed to a policy of confidentiality of personal data in accordance with international standards and codes, as well as with all other applicable international practices, protection measures, confidentiality and data security.  

12.  Consumer information may be provided if requested by empowered authorities /subject to relevant legislation/ in connection with identification and personalization of the User, if the rights and interests of the Service Provider, or Users of the services of the Provider, or the rights of third parties need to be defended in court, or where the Provider is legally obligated to provide such information to empowered legal authorities and organizations, authorized to combat copyright and intellectual property infringements, and preventing and detecting cybercrimes, as well as in cases of warning or security notice, or any other fraud counteraction scheme and internet crimes.

13.  As far as the contact and communication between the Provider and the User is carried out in the web, there will always be limitations to the security and privacy of personal information and the inviolability of private data and information, and consequences that are beyond the control of the Provider. The User understands and acknowledges that there always exists a possibility for improper interference, surveillance, forging and misuse by individuals or organizations with unauthorized internet access rights and unauthorized by the Provider access to personal information and such possibilities cannot be completely prevented despite all security measures that the Provider have taken.

14.  Furthermore, when the User /as in all such common practices/ uses passwords, ID numbers or other special functions to access this website, the User accepts that it is his duty and responsibility to protect them.  

15.  A possibility exists that while you /the User/ browse the pages of this website there could occur a passive access to your personal data and preferable website logs on the internet through the use of various technologies and means of gathering navigational information via Internet Protocol /IP/ addresses “cookies”, Internet tags or other means which the Provider cannot fully control and prevent, and the User agrees that such possibilities always potentially exist.  

16.  The User is obliged to be informed and familiar with the different degrees of risk for his personal data and the possible consequences of logging on the Internet in general, for which the Provider may not be responsible.

17. The Provider is not liable for the protection of personal information about the User and the degree of protection and confidentiality of this information from third parties when opening links /connections/ and visiting their websites. The User is obliged to be familiar with the privacy policies on data that the third party connected websites apply. The Provider shall not be liable for the protection of data of the third parties themselves whose websites the User might have visited through the louboutin heren sneakers website of the Provider and cannot be liable for the completeness and accuracy of information in the websites and links to which the website of the Provider has links to. The Provider – DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd. is not liable for the consequences, responses and actions of Users, provoked by the content of advertising forms, published on the website pages of the Provider. This is beyond the control authority of the Provider.

18.  In the event of third party fault or for reasons that are beyond the authority of the Service Provider, for example: temporary or prolonged failures of the web that have permanently disrupted the normal functioning of the website; in cases of force majeure and exceptional circumstances in society /natural disasters, prolonged public disturbances, riots or other reasons, related in any way to the access, use or inability to use the services on this website, the Provider of these services - DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd. will not be morally or financially liable for any possible and caused by these reasons material, moral damages to the User or third parties.

19.  It could be necessary that the Provider uses the IP address of the User, since it is a dynamic parameter associated with the User information or other information, only in the cases when it is necessary to manage and improve services to the User without providing this information to third parties except in the cases where such exceptions are governed by separate texts in item 12.  

20.  It may be necessary that the Service Provider give statistical information regarding website or website’s individual segments logs to advertisers, advertising agencies, for his internal purposes or to other organizations, measuring and creating marketing and statistical analysis and rating User activity, interests and preferences, visit frequency, by opening advertising banners, links and information databases by Users.

V. Final regulations:

21. For compelling reasons the Provider might make changes in the text of the present document.

22. The User has the obligation to be informed periodically about any changes in conditions, louboutin heren services provided and the rules for using these services covered by this document.

23.  If Users are under age, it is the responsibility of their parents or guardians to control the access of minors to the Internet in general and specifically access to services in this website, although, in turn, the Provider of these services makes and will make purposeful and responsible efforts to create ethical, clean from a moral point of view and in compliance with civilized norms, Internet environment, in view of the possibility of providing access to these services to minors.

24. The Service Provider may decide to provide a User the opportunity to register and create a personal page /profile/ or to refuse such an opportunity, to limit or remove the profile of a User, the contents of which, at the discretion of the Provider, is considered to be unacceptable and violates the terms of the texts in this document, as well as in cases of reasonable doubts due to violation of these general terms, due to ignorance, insufficient knowledge or deliberate violation of these regulations, and is not obliged to notify the User regarding this decision.

25. The Provider - DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd. is entitled to be indemnified for any moral and material damages and related additional costs caused to him by culpable wrongdoing of a User in violation and infringement of these General conditions.  

26. By signing up for registration for access to this websites and the services in this website or entering the website as a registered user, you /the User/ agree that you understand and accept the terms of this document General conditions and Privacy Policy. This Document /rules, conditions and policies/ have the power of contract between the Provider of the services - DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd. and the User of the web services in this website.

November 2011