Please read carefully these Regulations! These Regulations have the force of a contract,
therefore we would like you to be informed as much as possible!

Conditions and Privacy Policy
/Regulations for publishing and payment of advertisements in website

These written regulations are designed to introduce you to our practice of informing customers regarding the ways
to publish advertisements in the website, of our policy regarding the methods of payment for the advertisements
and protection of privacy and confidentiality of your personal or corporate data and interests
before using or submitting information on this site.
Security and the protection of your personal information is of great concern to us!

General terms:
1. These regulations set the rules for publishing and payment of advertisements on the pages of this website.

2.  DESIGN MAGAZINE MEDIA – DMM Ltd. is the Contractor for publishing advertisements, ordered and paid by the company advertiser, referred to in this text as Customer.  

3.  The information that may be requested to be submitted by the Customer is required with the aim of serving advertising orders, for the preparation of e-invoice and sending feedback to the Customer regarding his/her order. This information will not be provided to third parties, except in the cases, when it is requested by the empowered authorities /in compliance with the relevant legislation/ for identifying and personalization of the Customer in connection with payments using bank cards /see the relevant text below/ or when the rights and interests of the Contractor or the rights of third parties need to be defended in court, or in cases where the Contractor was legally obligated to provide such information to legal authorities and organizations empowered to combat cybercrimes.

4. The Contractor shall provide in this site a clear sequence of steps with information on the Tariff, terms for advertisement orders in advance, ways of placing an order, payment policy or order cancellation as well as the period for its implementation. Please read the whole text in the different segments of section Advertising on the site to make sure that you can make "informed" choice. If you need further information you can send us your questions using the contact form or via email.  

5. The Customer has the right to make a request and order for the publication of advertisements in accordance with the attached in section Advertising on this site Advertising Tariff, Order Form, Payment Form and these Regulations.

6. The Customer sends electronically all the advertising materials prepared for publication on this site, in accordance with the chosen rates plan in segment Tariff for advertising and the indicated formats of the advertisement files.   

7. The advertising forms may contain information about the advertiser /Customer/, the Customer’s business activity, his products, services or other legal activity, performed by him/her. By placing an order for publication of advertising, Customer confirms that the content of advertising forms does not violate the copyrights of third parties, and he is solely responsible for this.

8.The Customer himself/herself selects the type and content of information in accordance with item 6 and item 7, with the accepted international practices, and is responsible for the veracity of this information.  

9. The Customer may not submit advertisement of goods or services with political, racial, religious, ethnic intolerant, sexually explicit contents, or contents with implied meaning that damages the reputation or good name of third parties; contents, inciting to violence, riots and public disorder or other types of contents prohibited by international legislation. The Contractor has the right to refuse publication of advertisements if the terms of this item have been violated, without being obliged to notify the Customer.  

10.The Contractor is not a party in the Customer’s relations with third parties, and is not responsible for these relations, arising in connection with or as a result of published on the website advertisements. The Contractor shall only create and maintain the environment /website/ for publishing advertisements.

Policy on order acceptance or cancellation and deadlines for implementation:
11. An order for advertising may be refused by the Customer  within seven days /up to 5 working days/ according to generally accepted norms. If the Customer has not cancelled the order within this period, the order is deemed to be final and the Contractor shall be entitled to withhold the amount /value/ of the order paid by the Customer.

12. If the Customer  has paid, but subsequently cancelled the order for advertisement within this period of seven days /or 5 working days/ according to item 11 and has notified the Contractor electronically regarding the cancellation of the order, the Contractor shall reimburse the Customer the full amount of money paid.    

13. The Contractor shall make publication of the advertisements, ordered and paid by the Customer according to the terms and rates in the Tariff plan chosen by Customer.

14. The deadlines under item 13 commence within 3 working days after issuing of payment to the bank account of the Contractor and after the Customer has send the advertisements forms ready to be published to the e-mail address of the Contractor, and in accordance with these Regulations.  

15. If payment has been successful, the Contractor shall notify the Customer regarding the completed transaction by e-mail, specified in the order form, and inform him/her about the start and end dates of publication of the advertisements on the website, in accordance to the tariff plan that the Customer has chosen.  

16. The Contractor  visualizes and sends the Customer  electronic invoice for the payment, made in compliance with the terms in item 11 and item 14. Please keep this invoice within a period of 24 months in case it is necessary to make a reference to some information in it.  

17. In cases when there is a delay on the side of the Customer regarding implementation of the terms in item 14, the Contractor may delay publishing the advertisements and the deadlines for their implementation will commence from the date of correct settlement of the terms according to item 14.

18. If the Customer has placed and paid the order for publishing the advertisement before the expiration of the stated period of validity of the advertising Tariff /specified in the Tariff/, the order is executed even after that period until the deadline for publication of advertisements in accordance with the prices and the selected by the Customer Tariff plan.  

Policy regarding payment:
19. The payment of orders is done entirely by:
       * credit /debit bank cards like VISA, MasterCard, Borika, marked with the respective verification symbols. Please note that your bank card may not be accepted by the system in the process of card identification, if not registered according to the schemes Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode or
       * bank transfer /please follow the instructions in the form for ordering and payment/.

20. The Contractor shall not be liable if for any reason the system fails to register the payment /if the card is blocked, with expired validity, if there are insufficient available funds, if the card is forged or stolen, or the permitted limits for payment have been exceeded, etc./. In these cases, the system displays a message to the Customer that the transaction has failed.  

21.The prices indicated by the Contractor in the Tariff for publishing advertisements are including VAT and are final. There will be no other taxes, fees or commissions, etc. to be added to them by the Contractor.

22. The Customer may choose the currency in which to make the payment in accordance with the Tariff for publishing advertisements on the website.  

23. The maximum permitted payment amount for a single card transaction is 5000 € /or its equivalent in another currency, according to the payment rates for the currencies valid in the time of the transaction/. This condition does not restrict the right of the Customer to choose the currency of payment under item 22.  

24. The Contractor shall not be liable if the bank, serving the Customer, has charged fees, commissions or other local requirements related to the payment of the order for advertising in accordance with the bank regulations for work with customers/cardholders.

Reimbursement Policy:
25.  If the Contractor fails to fulfill part of the order or the whole order for publishing the Customer’s advertisements for reasons depending on the Contractor, the Contractor shall reimburse the Customer part or the full amount of money, proportionally to the unfinished part of the order.  

26. In the event of breach of obligations by the Contractor, after the order has been placed and paid, due to third party fault, outside the power of the Contractor, for example: temporary or prolonged "failures" of the web that have permanently disrupted the normal functioning of the website; unilateral decision of the bank servicing the Customer or the Contractor to reduce services, as well as  in cases of force majeure and exceptional circumstances in society /natural disasters, drastic change of financial, market and business conditions, prolonged public disturbances, riots and other similar events/ the Contractor is not obligated to reimburse the Customer the amount paid by the Customer. In this case the Customer and the Contractor will seek opportunities to settle their bilateral business relations based on "goodwill" and mutual agreement.  

27. In the event of determining that the content of the advertising forms /files/ submitted by the Customer for publication in the site is in violation of item 9, after the Customer has placed and paid for the order, the Contractor has the right to refuse publishing the advertisements. In this case, the Contractor shall reimburse the Customer only 50% of the amount paid and will not be obliged to notify the Customer.  

Privacy Policy and Data Protection:
28. The Customer, as is customary in international practices for all cardholders of credit/debit cards, is subject to verification and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of the Customer’s card refuses payment, or for any reason does not authorize payment, the Contractor shall not be liable for such refusal.  

29. If the competent /empowered/ authorities, regardless whether in the country of the Customer or of the Contractor, request to make an audit of the order for advertising services, the Contractor may be required to provide information about the Customer to the competent official authorities in connection with frauds prevention and detection in online payments, as well as in cases of warning or security notice or any other fraud counteraction scheme and in accordance with the applicable international laws on Internet-based media.  

30. Information about the Customer will not be disclosed to persons without the necessary access authorization or rights for checking. The Contractor is committed to follow a policy of confidentiality of data in accordance with international standards in this sphere, as well as in accordance with all other applicable protection, confidentiality and data security measures of good international practices.  

31. During the making of payments and in the process of checking the authenticity of bank cards and card data, the Contractor does not have access to confidential data, exchanged between the cardholder and the servicing bank, despite the fact that the order is carried out on the website of the Contractor.

32. To prevent fraud and improper use of the bank card data of the Customer with VISA or MasterCard, the Contractor uses 3-D Secure scheme for payments by credit card for the purpose of card information confidentiality. The Contractor shall apply the best practices recommended by International Bank Card Organizations for protection and identification of bank cards, marked with signs Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode.

33. Card data security and Customer information is protected by SSL connection between the server, on which the Contractor's website is based and the server processing payments.

34. The authenticity of each bank card is checked by entering the personal CVV code in the order and payment form for advertising.

35. As far as the contact and communication between the Contractor and the Customer is carried out in the web, there will always be limitations to the security and privacy of personal information and the inviolability of private data and information, and consequences that are beyond the control of the Contractor. The Customer understands and acknowledges that there always exists a possibility for improper interference, surveillance, forging and misuse by individuals or organizations with unauthorized internet access rights and unauthorized by the Contractor access to personal information and such possibilities cannot be completely prevented despite all security measures that the Contractor and servicing banks have taken. Furthermore, when the Customer /as in all such common practices/ uses passwords, ID numbers or other special functions to access this website, the Customer accepts that it is his duty and responsibility to protect them.  

36. A possibility exists that while you /the Customer/ browse the pages of this website there could occur a passive access to your personal data and preferable website logs on the internet through the use of various technologies and means of gathering navigational information via Internet Protocol /IP/ addresses "cookies”, Internet tags or other means which the Contractor cannot fully control and prevent, and the Customer agrees that such possibilities always potentially exist.  

37. The Customer is obliged to be informed and familiar with the different degrees of risk for his personal data and the possible consequences of logging on the Internet in general, for which the Contractor may not be responsible.

38. It could be necessary that the Contractor uses the IP address of the Customer, since it is a dynamic parameter associated with the Customer information or other information, only in the cases when it is necessary to manage and improve services to the Customer without providing this information to third parties except in the cases where such exceptions are governed by separate texts in these Regulations /item 3, item 29/.  

39. When the Customer is logged on the Contractor’s website and opens links to other websites /websites of third parties/, the Contractor shall not be liable for the protection of personal information of the Customer and the degree of protection and confidentiality of this information from these third parties while browsing their websites. The Customer is obliged to be familiar with the privacy policies on data that the third party websites apply. The Contractor shall not be liable for the protection of data of the third parties themselves whose websites the Customer might have visited through the website of the Contractor. This is not a subject of control by the Contractor.

Final regulations:
40. For compelling reasons the Contractor might make changes in the text of these Regulations.

41. The declared Tariff with rates for advertising is valid for the period specified in the Tariff. The Contractor has the right to change or to determine an updated tariff for advertisement for further periods.

42. The Customer is obliged periodically or prior to each order for advertisement on this website to familiarize himself/herself with any changes in the terms, prices and policy on publishing advertisements.  

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43. By sending a request, order and payment for the publication of advertisements in this website you /the Customer/ agree that you understand and accept the terms of these Regulations /Conditions and Privacy Policy/. These Regulations /rules, terms and policies/ have the power of contract between the Contractor and the Customer with regards to the implementation of services for publishing advertisements on this website.