The wonderful festive atmosphere of "Antwerpen Christmas World"

As every year, with approaching of the Christmas and New Year holidays, on the streets and the squares there is a festive atmosphere. Adorned with festive decorations are the shops, restaurants, places of entertainment. This is the time for selecting exciting gifts for children and adults.

On the main street Meir, 42 in Antwerp is an amazing place where you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of a huge Christmas market and to fall into the charm of the magical world of Christmas decorations. There you can feel like in the fairy tales surrounded by your favorite heroes and symbols of Christmas days! And, as much as you are already a grown, this fabulous atmosphere will affect you magically and will return you to the warm memories of these holidays of your childhood ...

Even moreover, with the charm of this festive mood, you'll be able to make your gifts for your favorite loved ones and friends on an amazing Christmas shop (Kerstwinkel) of 5000 m², on the 3 floors! Just there is and one Christmas decoration that will carry over the spirit and mood of the holidays into your home! Take yourself a particle of this Light and positive attitude for more kindness and hope!

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