We can try a lot of styles, select the most suitable.

18K gold pendant purchase according to clothing, neck features, and according to the skin color to choose their own 18K gold pendant color, while many people pay special attention to pick what kind of style, which are the skills?
      Pendant is worn in the neck, so we have to consider when buying pendants in the neck curve. Neck is relatively long, then it is appropriate to wear short pendants, visually short neck length, and short neck will choose slender pendants, elongated neck curve, should not choose short pendant, because wearing short Pendants will make the length of the neck to see is more short.
      In the purchase of pendants when the best is to take into account their own dress style, if you like to wear low-cut clothing, then it must be with a long pendant, highlight the charm of the chest, if it is collar collar clothes with short Of the pendants is more appropriate, you can make the wearer more moving, become the focus of the crowd.
  18K gold because it is an alloy, so its color and diverse, white k gold, yellow k gold, red k gold, rose gold K, black K gold, a variety of colors can enjoy the selection. Summer is a colorful season, K gold pendant color is very rich, for everyone to choose the space is very large, for example, fair skin selection of women **, red, rose gold gold is very good, can be Skin color set off more white, bright colors can also increase the overall flash point, add a color for the United States. In addition, for the pursuit of the unique personality of the people, a unique black K gold pendant can meet your needs, the United States was more unique, more unique.
  A suitable for your pendant style should be with your face, color, neck length of the coordination. What kind of pendant is right for you? For example, a round face will buy a long paragraph of the pendant, elongated facial lines, sharp face of the people must not choose V-shaped pendant, square face in order to soften the face of the line to choose V-shaped pendants, inverted triangular face wide on the narrow, triangular or pear-shaped pendant can be a good modification of facial lines, so that the curve of the face tends to perfect. So, we must remember a principle, suitable for your pendant must be able to play the perfect effect of your facial lines,

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