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Alexandre Zouari spring/summer 2017 magic castle series hair accessories
2016 spring summer, Alexandre Zouari with incredible magic kingdom as the theme, cooked in various hair design is inspired by the European main population fantasy stories, such as “sleeping beauty”, “Snow White” and “candy house”, the heroine spirit beast and replica Cartier love bracelet castle, etc. With The inspiration of The Castle magic Castle (The The Enchanted Castle) series USES a large amount of powder color railway swarovski elements, some of The hair accessories item, unique shape are paired with swarovski elements. This magical castle series including gem Moment (Precious Moment), crystal rose house (Crystalline Splendor) and the color of cheng fang (Colorful Flourish) three themes.
Alexandre Zouari spring and summer of 2017 the most elegant and rich art of hair products, the preferred gem Moment (Precious Moment) hair hoop and hair clips. This series design inspiration comes from in the fairy tale fantasy castle covered with colored gems. In order to build a dream of dazzle beautiful effect, brand hand-picked color unique eight round crystal elements: water lotus red, yellow, mei red protein crystal protein, white, green, shallow mei red, dark olive and Cartier nail bracelet replica richly. Every hair hoop, by the technologist have put hundreds of crystal elements one by one, Mosaic, shape like colorful Mosaic of amazing beautiful effect.
Color of cheng fang (Colourful Flourish) series for the spearhead of giant crystal hairpin, with fairy tale romance and summer colour profusion, sky blue, green, such as lux, mellow gold-amber color, cherry pink long and narrow form, circular and water droplets form crystal elements, embedded into a dazzling beauty hair clips. Colour and modelling bold avant-courier, to the person’s feeling.
Crystal rose house (Crystalline Splendor) Italian hairpin, lateral comb, and hair fork series, as well as the magic castle with full color stones for inspiration, communicate more marked the top technology of France and Austria. Each with plexiglass manufacturing hair accessories, round, square, water Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica droplets form on Mosaic and triangle four special shape of super large antique pink color crystal elements, giving full of poetic dream feeling, is a beautiful Bohemian romantic boutique.
Royal crown Royale (La) after hair hoop series, with a magical story of the ice palace for inspiration, Alexandre Zouari adopted the most light translucent plexiglass as material, choose and employ persons hand sculpted perfect radian, compound with pear shape and the phantom of the triangle of classical roses and gold crystal elements of large Mosaic surplus royal envisage, each design are with super reality, amazingly beautiful.
Another in the same process features refined magic Ribbon (Wavy Ribbon) hair hoop and hairpin, also get out of the dust, YouRuWei princess in the magic kingdom or tailored beautiful bride.
Nobility of ring (Noble Beauty) hair hoop/after the champions league series, piping collocation with soft suede crystal imitation cartier love bracelet element, hand waves into full of feeling of choose and employ persons ring shape, with hanging giant crystal faceted cutting elements, full of elegant sense of rhythm, reveal Alexandre Zouari rare leather with the process of crystal quality. This series hair reminiscent of amorous feelings of the twenties, create new style restoring ancient ways. Whether a party queen, or princess wore this characteristic after the champions league, easily send out a elegant perceptual temperament and unique style.

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