Whether in the forefront of science and technology in the field of digital technology

Whether in the forefront of science and technology in the field of digital technology, or surging fashion industry, Casio is a trustworthy brand. Casio TR series with its strong beauty technology and unique flip design, creating a new miracle of digital imaging industry, but also in the women’s fashion industry set off an unprecedented “self-timer artifact” boom; and through 30 years of G-SHOCK also With the leading anti-shock technology, continuous innovation. In the world, G-SHOCK deserved to become an indispensable tide of the streets of the Tag.
November 21, 2013, standing on the tide of the Casio TR self-timer artifacts and G-SHOCK side by side attack, in the new Asian fashion center – Shanghai, jointly launched TR350 SWAROVISKI & MT-G S1000D limited edition, the country issued only 50 sets. The number of rare and top products Cartier nail bracelet replica in this perfect combination of the two top fashion tide of the two swords together, detonated the winter most Shock fashion impact.

MT-G – bring together the soul of G-SHOCK
Since the birth in 1983, G-SHOCK continue to break through the self, continuous innovation. In order to achieve the perfect combination of toughness and beauty, and always pursue the infinite possibilities of tough structure, the new MT-G S1000D equipped with the latest development of metal and resin combined with a new hollow structure, show the perfect watch must have the excellent performance of the United States The
MT-G S1000D combines G-SHOCK’s top shock technology and production process, every detail highlights the “Premium” profound meaning. S1000D core technology lies in the core protection structure to bring the powerful anti-shock ability, bezel and the inner cap with four stainless steel pipe connected, and the resin shell is located in the suspension, which can protect the module to avoid the direct impact of the role of hollow The design concept of the structure is achieved in the metal case. At the same time, through the use of the best weight balance to achieve the shape of the pointer, to achieve a shock, anti-centrifugal force, shockproof Triple G Resist earthquake structure. Acceptable world 6 Bureau of standard radio waves, automatic correction of Japan, North America, Europe, China time. CASIO’s original solar charging system can drive a variety of functions under high load. Rugged and beautiful coexistence MT-G S1000D in appearance on a unique, the use of metal parts to create a clear sense of clarity, edge and strap part of the use of special grinding process, multi-layer composite strap, 4-layer structure panel panel shows heavy metal Unique beauty of frame structure.
MT-G S1000D by the G-SHOCK the most backbone of the mountain-shaped factory to complete Replica Cartier jewelry , with qualified skills qualified professionals with its superb technology, the details of the details of the United States show most vividly, worthy of the advanced technology and superb technology perfect combination of high-quality wrist table.

Casio TR – perfect definition
In the eyes of female users, never had a digital product can be like Casio TR self-timer artifacts so that every beauty of her dreaming. Powerful 12 beauty features so that self-timer artifact is no longer just beautiful women make beautiful tools, but also to redefine the beautiful trend of essential goods. The same time as
When the definition of the beautiful Casio TR350 and the same pursuit of eternal aesthetic SWAROVSIKI encounter, they collided with the most dazzling winter TR350 SWAROVSIKI limited edition. Hundreds of blue and white SWAROVSIKI crystal in the TR350’s shell on the ingenuity of the formation of different shapes of snowflake modeling, become TR350 Variety fuselage of the gorgeous embellishment. White and elegant body color and crystal clear crystal complement each other, and show off the bright golden ring lens is the finishing touch, for this limited edition self-timer artifact adds a little noble temperament. The same time as
The new TR350 SWAROVSIKI limited edition also features an elegant and noble blue gift box. Abandon the tedious combination of color and pattern, pure dark blue in the simple to bring the atmosphere and elegant taste of elegance.
In addition to the SWAROVSIKI crystal embellishment of the new TR350, this limited edition will also be specially included as TR-Girls tailor-made SWAROVSIKI beauty mirror and crystal U disk, so beautiful every day indispensable attitude towards life." target="_blank">http://www.jeweltree.co/replica-cartier-jewelry/cartier-bracelets.html"> will also be specially included as TR-Girls tailor-made SWAROVSIKI beauty mirror and crystal U disk, so beautiful every day indispensable attitude towards life.
The same time as
The TR350 SWAROVISKI & MT-G S1000D limited edition was commissioned on November 29 at the official store in Casio (http://www.casiostore.com.cn/) for $ 1,694. To highlight the special significance of the limited set of packages, and feedback fans enthusiastic support, any successful purchase of this limited set of users will be invited to be held on December 21 Casio TR / G-SHOCK fans thank you, and from National lucky fans and heavyweight artists together to experience the charm of Casio TR / G-SHOCK.

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