Truesmart is to support the sim card and the expansion card inserted

Mate Truesmart smart watch evaluation
There are many smart watches on the market, but also a lot of smart watches based on Andrews system, but most have chosen the depth of the development of the way, will be part of the function of Andrews shielded, will not open to the user to modify. The same as an Android system based on the smart watch Omate Truesmart will Andrews function completely reserved, just to modify the UI interface, user-friendly operation, so that a free smart watch you are not interested ? Watch the house together to find out about it!
Omate Truesmart Smart Watch
Because Truesmart is to support the sim card and the expansion card inserted, so the product is not completely closed can not be removed, remove the screws after we can see the internal hardware structure, because the product is small, so the hardware stack is more closely, Built the shell to protect, so the internal space is very solid.
And the waterproof part of the product are all used to seal the apron, that after the opening as soon as possible once in place, installed after the expansion card and sim card will not be demolished, and will certainly affect the life of waterproof apron. And the installation time as much as possible to tighten the screws, so that can restore the water resistance to the factory state.
Omate Truesmart this watch product, although the size is not large, but built a complete Andrews product configuration, from WiFi to GPS, and even GSM network communication functions are readily available, no hardware castration, the late development is a very Big gospel, most of the APP software on the display resolution can be modified after the better in this section on the watch to run.
Some of the domestic Andrews forum, there are many experts hidden, so for Truesmart this smart watch, the future prospects are very promising, at least some like to modify the system players to get this watch can get some more than the official Easy to use the system rom, for Truesmart this is this full Andrews watch the biggest benefit.
In fact, after a period of experience, if you want to buy a watch when Andrews mobile phone play, whether it is Truesmart or other brand products are not appropriate, if it is to use it as a watch, in the normal working life , This watch can actually bring a lot of surprises, some casual time will be able to find the benefits of this watch.
OSSINE Ocini watch, designed by the watch teacher, Shenzhen Veyron Star Watch Co., Ltd. as a base, further research and development, design, manufacture and sales. OSSINE Ocini table will be modern design elements cleverly integrated into the traditional watch design, while the rich cultural heritage Replica Cartier jewelry into the elegant and noble watch, bring you a clear, trust, taste the brand image.
OSSINE Ocini watch price is how much?
OSSINE Ocini watch once listed, immediately for the public attention, mainly to the domestic market-based, but also opened up overseas markets. Shenzhen Weilong Star Watch Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the watch industry for many years, design, production and sales of high-grade quartz watches and mechanical watches. The company is based on people-oriented business philosophy, advancing with the times and continuously leading the new fashion trend Watch. The use of advanced technology and scientific management methods and export business channels, design and development of different materials, different tastes, multi-directional watch.
OSSINE Ocini watches how much money
OSSINE Ocini watch as a domestic watch in the end of the brand, the price is cheaper. Prices ranging from more than 200 yuan – more than 7000 yuan.
Benny PARNIS watches, by (LUCA-PARNIS) in 1934 Switzerland’s Lucerne created Bernini when the manufacture of accurate timepieces, control every minute every second desire. Benny by virtue of accurate timing technology and innovative arts combined in the development of the human watch industry in the process, witnessed countless brilliant moments.
PARNIS Bernini watch brand introduction
LUCA-PARNIS was born in the watch kingdom of Switzerland Lucerne, childhood love watch, since the school after graduating from the school founded a private watch workshop, the beginning of the aristocracy for independent tabulation, each watch is unique. With its exquisite handmade, innovative design, and gradually in the industry with fame, in 1934 own brand PARNIS.
At that time PARNIS averaged two days to produce a watch, the best movement, superb craftsmanship, innovative design, rigorous testing, once the brand rose to a new height. LUCA-PARNIS after the death of his son took over, adjust the core of the enterprise to build large-scale movement plant to expand the industry, R & D and production of the movement to become the major well-known brand watch movement providers and movement R & D partners, and independent watchmaking workshop Gradually give up.
How is PARNIS watches?
Benny watchmakers, engineers and designers work closely with the watch system to follow the constant pursuit of innovation at the same time, the manufacture of every movement, every watch are devoted a high degree of enthusiasm. Each masterpiece, are filled with reliable quality, the pursuit of innovation, the concept of superb technology in the movement of research and development and production of watches and clocks with the Swiss tradition of the perfect fusion of noble.
1980 PARNIS family to create brand watches and clocks, after careful planning, with a strong movement, superb technology, reliable quality, exported to the rest of the world, in 2010 entered the Chinese, Chinese named Benny." target="_blank">">

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