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DECREE of Sadala (Historical Museum of Burgas, Bulgaria)
DECREE of Sadala (Historical Museum of Burgas, Bulgaria)

uploaded by: Zlaty

Description: DECREE of Sadala
IV century BC, marble
The original is kept in the Historical Museum in Burgas, Bulgaria

Sadala is a Thracian ruler from the III century BC.

Excerpt from the text on the slab, inaugurated in 1949:
"... to Sadala as soon as possible it will be crowned with a golden wreath on the games of Dionysus in theater, as the city's benefactor: to be given to him and his heirs citizenship, the right to be honored representative of the city, to have first place on the public games, to enter and exit with its ships in port of Mesambria undisturbed; annually crowned with a wreath worth fifty staters. Treasurer to write the oath and agreement on a stone slab with deep lettering and putting it in the sanctuary of Apollo to the plates of his ancestors: Mopsyuest, Tarutin, Medist and Kotis. Agreement between Sadala and the residents of Mesambria: If someone from the ships of Masambria suffered shipwreck off the coast of Sadala's state after giving of his load... "

Presented by: National Museum of History, Sofia, Bulgaria

Source of information: NMH - Sofia

photo - personal archive

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DECREE of Sadala (Historical Museum of Burgas, Bulgaria)

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