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When it comes to archaeology, it is sometimes much more of interest, it's a way of life! How many artifacts, past and civilizations have left indelible traces over time of culture and history .... And the numismatics!? Is this the other history of human civilization? Whether you are an expert in this area or you just simply interested in, you certainly have something to show or tell us!
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Column bearing a treaty inscription of Khan Omurtag
Column bearing a treaty inscription of Khan Omurtag

uploaded by: Zlaty

Description: Column bearing a treaty inscription of Khan Omurtag
815 y. AD, marble
From the collection of the National Institute of Archaelogy with Museum (NIAM) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Inscription on the Column:
"...a message...and they sent...they made peace for 30 years. The first of the agreed 11 chapters concern the territory. It should be from Debelt to Peramokastel and between the two Avrolev, and to the many small bridges, and between Valzina and Agathoniki, and to hebros, and to Constantia, and to makri Meadow, and to Hebrus, and to the Hemus mountain. Chapter Two concerns the Slavs that are subjected to the Emperor: they should stay where they were when the war started. Chapter Three concerns the rest of the Slavs from the coastal area that are not subjects of the Emperor: he will send them to their villages. Chapter Four treats the Christians that were taken captive, as well as the captures..., while the turmars-es, the spataria-s and the comites: will give..., as for the poor soldiers - soul for soul. For the captured outside the strongholds will give two buffalos, if...the villages. If the strategist had run away..."

Provenance: Sechishte Village, Shumen Region

Presented by: National Museum of History, Sofia, Bulgaria

Source of information: NMH - Sofia

photo - personal archive

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Column bearing a treaty inscription of Khan Omurtag

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