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When it comes to archaeology, it is sometimes much more of interest, it's a way of life! How many artifacts, past and civilizations have left indelible traces over time of culture and history .... And the numismatics!? Is this the other history of human civilization? Whether you are an expert in this area or you just simply interested in, you certainly have something to show or tell us!
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The treasure of Khan Kubrat (National Museum of History, Sofia)
The treasure of Khan Kubrat  (National Museum of History, Sofia)

uploaded by: Zlaty

Description: A part of the treasure of Khan Kubrat (632-665), gold, replica

The original is preserved in the State Hermitage - St. Petersburg, Russia.

The treasure consists of 700 gold and silver objects. The objects in the treasure are over 25 kg and silver - 50 kg. Thorough and long investigations undoubtedly relate the find to the grave of the Bulgarian ruler. Among the belongings there are the impressionable insignia of khan's power - a scepter  and a gold horn as well as the symbols of the patrician's dignity with which khan Kubrat was honored by the Byzantine emperor Heraclius - a gold patrician's belt (cingulum), bracelets and a ring with monogram.

Provenance: Discovered in 1912 near the village of Malaya Pereshchepina (Ukraine)

Presented by: National Museum of History (NMH), Sofia, Bulgaria

Source of information: NMH - Sofia

photo - personal archive

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The treasure of Khan Kubrat (National Museum of History, Sofia)

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