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When it comes to archaeology, it is sometimes much more of interest, it's a way of life! How many artifacts, past and civilizations have left indelible traces over time of culture and history .... And the numismatics!? Is this the other history of human civilization? Whether you are an expert in this area or you just simply interested in it, you certainly have something to show or tell us!
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Trajan's Market in Rome, Italy
Trajan's Market  in Rome, Italy

uploaded by: Victoria

Description: Trajan's Market in our days.

The Trajan's Market is a large complex of ruins, located in Rome against the Colosseum. The remains of buildings and facilities were a part of theTrajan's Forum. Trajan's Market was built in 100-110 AD and inaugurated in 113 AD. Emperor Trajan entrust the planning of his forum to the architect Apollodorus of Damascus. It's assumed that the oldest covered mall in the world, built on several levels and with many different rooms, was the administrative and commercial center of the Roman Empire the time of Emperor Trajan.

Trajan, 53 - 117, (Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nerva fili Augustus) was a Roman Emperor from 98 until his death in 117 AC.

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Trajan's Market in Rome, Italy

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