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RHYTON with a horse protome (National Museum of History), Sofia
RHYTON with a horse protome (National Museum of History), Sofia

uploaded by: Zlaty

Description: RHYTON with a horse protome
Silver-plated with gold-plated elements.
Replica of part of dinner set of the Odrysian King Kotys I,  the Borovo treasure (around 383 BC - 360 BC).
Manufactured in Tracian settlement of Beo.

Provenance: village Borovo, district of Rousse, Bulgaria

Presented by: National Museum of History (NMH), Sofia, Bulgaria – March, 2013.

The exhibit is for sale.
To contact the Museum:
National Museum of History
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
16 Vitoshko lale str.
0359 2 9557604, 0359 2 9557602

Source of information: NMH - Sofia

photo - personal archive

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RHYTON with a horse protome (National Museum of History), Sofia

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