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We created this space with particular regard to the art and to those who deal with it creatively or professionally. Worldwide, there are many museums and galleries that keep with love and dedication the cultural treasures of humanity. Here in this space, we provide an opportunity to displayed individual works or part of the expositions with which your museum, gallery or private collection of artworks is proud to have and to be viewed at any time. You can submit a video or photo materials of these works. Please, add to the visual materials texts about the name of artwork, the author and brief information. Additional to this information we offer for free to add a link to your website to enable people get more information and contact you. You can periodically add other visual materials and comments to make more complete the presentation of your expositions.
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Anonymous 2013-02-23 13:11:25

Cyndi, Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for the cpeloimmnt! I shoot with a Nikon and use spot-metering. For focusing, I use Single-servo AF and also sometimes Continuous-servo AF (for moving subjects). I also back-button focus because I like the control I have with that. Hope that helps!

Anonymous 2013-02-23 11:43:04

So here's my take on whole thing. When Astrid asks Walter what palimpsest means, he says: A msnracuipt page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again. Astrid: Like when you record over an old VHS or cassette? Walter: Precisely. And what was underneath bleeds through.I think that's the metaphor for the reboot. A new version of their lives without Peter was recorded over the original version but with the right tools (cortexiphan?) it's possible to access the original version and bring it to the surface of this new rebooted timeline. Peter is the key and Olivia is the lock that will make that possible. So, Peter has been home all along!!! I don't understand how he believes his old timeline is still out there even after September told him that when he got in the machine he was not the only one that ceased to exist, Henry-the-antichrist-baby also ceased to exist, so that basically means that both old timelines don't exist anymore. I also think that the observers are the descendants of Peter and Olivia, that's why Henry can't exist, if he doesn't have a baby with the right Olivia they would never come to be. That's also why September wanted to see Walternate find the cure, he wanted to witness his beginning.

Anonymous 2013-02-20 23:48:43

You've magenad a first class post