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LIFTKOM in "LiftBalkans", IEC, Sofia

uploaded by: administrator

Description: The stand of LIFTKOM at the exhibition.

LIFTKOM - an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of ThyssenKrupp.

Liftkom JSC was established in 2001. The main business line of the company since its creation until now has been designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of elevators.
Liftkom Service Ltd. is the largest elevator service with national coverage in Bulgaria. The company employs over 120 people, serving over 2300 elevators, 300 escalators and moving walkways, and over 150 platforms for the disabled.

Presented at the: South-East European Exhibition on Elevators and Escalators "LiftBalkans" - May 2013, Inter Expo Center (IEC), Sofia, Bulgaria.

Organizer: "Via Expo" - Specialized International Events.

photo - operational archive (DMM)

Source of information: official information materials of LIFTKOM.

For contacts:
Liftkom JSC - Office
Sofia 1000
Business Park Mladost 4
0359 2 49 50 493

Liftkom Elevator Factory:
0359 54 831 855,  0359 54 833 133,  0359 54 831 366

Zona Artigianale, 1 Handwerkerzone
I-39030 Chienes / Kiens (BZ)
Cel.: 0039 348 23 182 68

LIFTKOM KOSOVO: 0038 970 282 476
LIFTKOM MACEDONIA: 0038 975 282 476

0700 420 40

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LIFTKOM in "LiftBalkans", IEC, Sofia

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