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Medical Gowns – Infection Control Strategy!!
Medical Gowns – Infection Control Strategy!!

uploaded by: Melvinjoe

Description: Not all Super Heroes wear capes!!!

Yes!! How true this statement is!!

Our Medical professionals are the frontline fighters fighting against the invisible forces to protect this world. Medical gowns are the only equipment they could wear for getting protection against hazards.
Medical Gowns are a very important accessory for personal protection in the health care industry. They give protection to the medical professionals against the microorganisms, infectious liquids and Blood. Not only for medical professionals but also to prevent the transfer of microbes from others to vulnerable patients from them.

There are lots of terms used to mention medical gowns used in the health care industry. We are all gone through tons of terms like surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical isolation gowns, procedural gowns, barrier gowns, disposable barrier gowns. These Medical gowns are classified into various types as per the various protection levels.

• Level 1: Minimal Risk – Gowns used in standard and basic Care unit.
• Level 2:  Low Risk - Gowns to be used in suturing n the ICCU ward and pathology lab.
•   Level 3: Moderate Risk – to be used in blood draw from arteries in the emergency care unit.
• Level 4: High Risk - Gowns used where intense fluid activities and very infectious harmful microorganisms transmissions take place.

Depending upon the protection level, you must choose the medical gowns for your medical professionals.  

Resistive Properties of protective clothing:
Technical textiles are designed to resist the microorganisms and fluids penetration which are designed for non-aesthetic purposes. Technical fabrics vary from the basic fabrics in many aspects. Because depending upon the requirements it has manufactured with various features. In health care settings, the following properties decide its protective nature.
• Physical & chemical characteristics of the fibers: Thickness, pore size and fluid repellency of the fibers.
• Size &Shape of the Microorganisms: Microbes like Bacteria, viruses are in different sizes and shapes. So it could move through the fabrics.
• External Factors: Physical, chemical and thermal stress.
• Properties of carriers: Microbes could be transmitted through the carriers like body fluids, lint, dust, skin cells and respiratory droplets.

There are wide ranges of fluid and microorganisms’ resistant personal protective clothing is available in the market. During the selection of right protective apparels, Hospitals should keep these features in mind.
“PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)” is the important safety measures to be taken for protecting our real-life superheroes!!

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Medical Gowns – Infection Control Strategy!!

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