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Ecology and environment are a topic that is extremely important for nowadays. They are strongly associated with the life and the health of people. Food, water, the air, the climate change on our Planet affects our lives and the future of the generations after us. What is interesting that you have learned lately, what is your attitude towards these problems? We ask you to note that this is not a website for viagra (or related), or for sexual dysfunctions.
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Texas Medical Center - Houston, USA
Texas Medical Center - Houston, USA

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: In the Texas Medical Center are applied the advanced achievements in the medical researches. Many laboratories, institutes and clinics in this Center are the leading centers in the struggle of the modern world with many diseases, including as a result of the continued violation of ecological balance in the environment throughout the world.

Many contemporary medical projects and developments in Texas Medical Center are aimed to investigate the influence of environmental pollution, climate change, and the change of the parameters related to the ecology of the environment and their impact on human health.
The results of these studies are the basis for the creation of a super modern methods of therapies, create special programs for the prevention and the treatment of diseases directly dependent of factors of the environment.

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Texas Medical Center - Houston, USA

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