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Victron Energy on the Event "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy"
Victron Energy on the Event

uploaded by: Zlaty

Description: Victron Energy: Blue power

Victron Energy is a supplier for hybrid power solutions. Efficiently combining two or more distinct power sources.

The products include sinewave inverters, sinewave inverters/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors and more. Victron Energy has a strong, unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality. The products of Victron Energy are widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power.

Presented at the Exhibition: "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" - May 2013, Inter Expo Center (IEC), Sofia, Bulgaria

Organizer of event: "Via Expo" - Specialized International Events.

Source of information:  official information materials of  Victron Energy.

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For contacts:
Victron Energy B.V.
De Paal 35
1351 JG Almere Haven
The Netherlands
P.O. Box 50016
1305 AA Almere Haven
The Netherlands
0031 (0)36 5359700,  0031 (0)36 5359703,  0031 (0)36 5359704

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Victron Energy on the Event "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy"

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