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Ecology and environment are a topic that is extremely important for nowadays. They are strongly associated with the life and the health of people. Food, water, the air, the climate change on our Planet affects our lives and the future of the generations after us. What is interesting that you have learned lately, what is your attitude towards these problems? We ask you to note that this is not a website for viagra (or related), or for sexual dysfunctions.
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A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The device is propelled either manually (by turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

What are some wheelchair safety tips I should know?
Get in and out of your wheelchair safely. Wheelchairs have locks on the wheels to keep the wheelchair in place. Always lock the wheelchair before you get in or out of it. Move the footrests or armrests out of the way, or remove them completely.

Move your wheelchair safely while you are indoors. Floors should be clean, dry, well-lit, and free of objects, such as rugs. All electrical cords should be moved out of the way. Back into elevators. This will help you to reach the controls more easily.

Move your wheelchair safely while you are outdoors. Stay to the right side of hallways and sidewalks to give people room to go around you. Slow down when you get to corners. Check for people or objects that can cause an accident. Use caution when you move over ramps or curbs.

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