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Wrong habits that can make you go sleepless

Sleep is essential for all of us. Sleep is required to keep our mind relaxed. Many of us experience sleeplessness due to our way of living. The following points help us understand what kind of bad habits can influence our sleep and make us go sleepless:
Having no sleep schedule:
If you have no sleep schedule, you may definitely experience a lot of trouble falling asleep. Set a good routine in place for you.  
You consume caffeine during odd hours of evening
Over consumption of caffeine can impact you and prevent you from falling asleep. Caffeine may stay in your blood stream and cause a no letting you fall asleep effect on your body. Hence avoid drinking caffeinated drinks during the later hours of the evening.
Exercising strenuously before going to bed
Doing any form of physical activity which is strenuous in nature could cause your body parts to ache. An aching body would disrupt your sleep every now and then. Hence avoid indulging into excessive strenuous activities before you enter into your bed.
Avoid drinking too much of water before   going to sleep
Many studies indicate that drinking water before falling asleep promotes good health. However drinking too much of it will cause you to visit the wash room time and again in the middle of the night. Hence do drink too much of water. If you need to, simply finish consuming all your meals and liquids an hour before you go to bed.
Overeating before bed time
Eating healthy meals would promote good health. However over eating would make things worse for you. Overeating your supper would cause fluctuations in the level of blood sugar and prevent you from falling asleep. You will also put on a lot of weight when you tend to over eat.
Indulging into an argument during bedtime:
Avoid indulging into any form of argument before going into bed. This could keep you away from falling asleep as your sub conscious mind would be constantly causing you to think. You would be introspecting and retrospecting the entire issue.
Using your device for too long during bed time
Devices like iPad, smartphones, and tablets give out blue light. This light could make the brain convince that it is still daytime and suppress the production of melatonin which is required for our bodies to let us fall asleep. Blue light acts as a stimulus thus preventing you from falling asleep.

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Wrong habits that can make you go sleepless

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