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Whether you are a professional or a passionate fan in this area, you accept this as a lifestyle ... You know a lot of tips, secrets, recipes and how the feeding to be an aesthetic pleasure. What is your crown recipe, what are the drinks and brands you prefer, what would you recommend to others ..? You can share your professional experience and exchange an opinion with your colleagues in the branch.
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Rice with fruit sauce
Rice with fruit sauce

uploaded by: Amelie

Description: Hi! I am not a professional in this field and I'm not pretending that I was doing as a specialist, but when I have inspiration it is gladly for me to indulge in culinary. I never cook by a precise recipe, I'm leave to my feeling about the future dish. The spices and dosages I judge at the time of cooking and almost never happens to do the same dish exactly the same way. But I try to follow the basic rules of healthy eating - the products to be always fresh, possible biologically clean, by a secure and verified producer, the food to be diverse and not to overdo anything. In the cooking, I almost never use a salt because the salt is present quite a few in almost all blends of spices that are available on the market. The main for me is to have the time and desire to cook at the given moment and to overjoy my family with whom I share the table. My dishes are quick and easy to implement and suitable for everyday. It was my pleasure to share them here!

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

Rice with fruit sauce

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