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Try, the ring does not pick up how to do
Try, the ring does not pick up how to do

uploaded by: vafans

Description: Girlfriend Huang is a Jiaoqiao beauty, usually like shopping, try on clothes, try jewelry is common. This day she asked me a question - try to wear when the ring can not pick off how to do?
Originally in the last shopping, Miss Huang encountered a very embarrassing situation - when she was diamond jewelry jewelry counter, was one of the fine jewelry won the attention, can not help but ask the salesman to take a counter to a She tried. The wear on the problem, Miss Huang in front of his hand wearing a ring to enjoy for a moment, because there is no purchase of the ring's budget and reluctantly prepared to take down, when taken by surprise, the ring does not pick up how to do?
I comforted Miss Huang for a moment, taught her a few tips. Once this happens, do not worry about the ring can not be picked down how to do, careful not to rub your fingers frequently, you can ring and finger at the junction of a little oil, slowly spin removed. If there is no oil, soapy water, hand cream is also possible.
Of course there are exceptions to the situation, in the lubrication, is still not down is also possible. This time the ring can not be picked down how to do? Can be forced to press the side of the belly, so that the smallest force on the outer side of the finger, and then maintain this pressure, continued gently pull out the ring.
Of course, friends can also be repeated flexion and extension of the ring finger, so that the finger on the contraction of the skin continue to expand, so that the ring is more convenient to cross the knuckles.
But friends also note that if you try on a diamond ring, encounter this situation, first do not panic in the ring does not pick off how to do the problem. The first thing you need to do is to gently rotate the side of the ring with the diamond to the side of the belly. Many of my friends did not do this, resulting in the back to try to remove the ring, the diamond tip scratches the skin of the fingers.
Of course, if you tried a variety of methods are not working, you like that ring, then use the last method - buy it, let it accompany your life.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

Source name: cds

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Try, the ring does not pick up how to do

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