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How do neutral women choose jewelery?
How do neutral women choose jewelery?

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: Bracelets, also known as "Kuan", "bracelet", "arm ring" and so on, is a worn in the wrist parts of the ring ornaments. Its material in addition to crystal, gold, silver, jade, there are still useful plants. The bracelet has a long history, originated in the maternal society to the patrilineal society transition period. According to the literature, in ancient times, both men and women wear bracelets, women as a symbol of marriage, men as a symbol of the status of identity or work. In addition, in ancient society, people also think that wearing bracelets can avoid evil or run into good luck.

Now, the bracelet can still be divided into male and female two. Men's bracelets are accompanied by the emergence of identity bracelets and gradually popular, but in our men wearing bracelets are still relatively small men. Generally for the silver, and later because of the popularity of gold jewelry, so that K gold bracelet also came into being.

Bracelets, very suitable for wearing long-sleeved clothes slender arms of women wear, and the arms and wrist full of women, the bracelet can not produce decorative beauty, do not wear but better.

Wearing bracelets are also quite stress, not how to wear on how to wear, in violation of the rules of the rules will make people laughing generous.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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How do neutral women choose jewelery?

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