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China's four famous jade appreciation
China's four famous jade appreciation

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: Hetian jade leading jade culture of the king of jade

Hetian jade, also known as Hetian soft jade, before the emerald appeared, leading China thousands of years of jade culture, is the king of ancient Chinese jade.

China is the world's first mining and application of nephrite country. According to archaeological discoveries, as early as 7000 years ago Hemudu culture, we have found that people use the traces of nephrite; 5000 years ago, Qu Jialing culture, there have been made of soft jade fish into the shape. To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the continuous development of jade carving technology, a variety of soft jade products dazzling, has been fully integrated into daily life, and the formation of China's mature and unique artistic style.

Hetian jade according to the different output environment, can be divided into mountain material, mountain water and jade three categories:

Mountain material, also known as "treasure cover jade", commonly known as "ball of jade" is produced in the original jade jade deposit jade.

Ziyu, also known as "sub-material", is naturally stripped from the original deposits, after weathering, into the river in the soft jade, generally away from the original deposit far, often occur in the impact of sand mine, high quality.

"Mountain water" is between the mountain material and jade between a kind of nephrite. It is natural peeling from the original deposits of residual slope or glacier pond of soft jade, generally close to the original deposit, grinding roundness is poor, angular, visible thin shell. Qingyu: Chinese traditional green jade for the dark green gray or green belt black. Currently on the market common green jade for the light green, sometimes green belt gray.

For thousands of years, China has been one of the famous producing countries of nephrite, the main origin of Xinjiang, Sichuan and Taiwan. Among them, the output of soft jade in Xinjiang is the best quality, and its producing areas are located in Kunlun Mountains, Tianshan and Al Jinshan areas.

East to the end, west of the Kashkur dry Kunlun mountain area for the main origin of Xinjiang nephrite, has been found more than 20 soft jade mine. Tianshan area of ​​soft jade called jasper, due to the territory of Xinjiang Manas County, it is also known as Manas jasper. Altyn mountain area produced by soft jade, said Jinshan jade, in addition to producing a small amount of jade, the production of jasper-based. Nephrite not only produced in China, some other countries have output, which in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the former Soviet Union and other countries more famous.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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China's four famous jade appreciation

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