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Diamond life waiting for bright
Diamond life waiting for bright

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: The scenery did not see her swallows, silence when no self-pity, in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment circle, Zhang Jingchu has been slowly blooming their own share of beauty. Recently, in the world's first diamond brand - FirevermarkTM eternal mark launched a new Millemoi TM magic series conference, the reporter and she had a close conversation.

Zhang Jingchu: diamond life waiting for bright
Every diamond is a continuation of life

Dial the time of the pointer, Zhang Jingchu still clearly remember in 2005 in the Chinese film industry's highest honor hall - China Table Award "interpretation" De Beers Group diamond jewelry scene, it is the DTC International Diamond Design Competition winning works " Snow flying ".

"It is like the wind blows buds, and like the snowflakes flying, soft and dynamic feathers, so far I have lamented the work of this Smart design, it is simply a work of art, from the inside and outside the show from the The power of nature.

After the first intimate contact, Zhang Jing early with Chinese clothing diamonds and restrained quiet temperament again stunning 2009 China Table Award, dressed in a black evening dress with ForevermarkTM eternal mark the world's limited feathers diamond ring, murder film countless; August this year , The 14th China Table Award for the curtain once again open, Zhang Jingchu third edge affair Forevermark TM eternal mark, wear its MillemoiTM Magic series of global limited diamond bracelet and Encordia love series limited edition diamond earrings, bright diamonds and Black dress with the perfect, so quietly just like from the painting out of the quiet woman, elegant and extraordinary.

Because of Xi Li, so the beginning of the three consecutive Chinese watches have chosen the same brand of diamonds jewelry; because they do not like floating on the surface of the fancy and pay more attention to the inherent characteristics, so she love the diamonds, enjoy from the depths of their hearts Commitment and precious; in her view, every diamond is a continuation of life, has a heavy sense of history, and that printed on the diamond table on the only code and mark, then bear in mind the only precious share of your fate The

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Diamond life waiting for bright

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