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Dior new high-level jewelry Cher Dior series
Dior new high-level jewelry Cher Dior series

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: From the moment of becoming the artistic director of the Dior Advanced Jewelery Department, Victoire de Castellane began his conversation with Mr. Dior through her high-quality jewelery creation.

Victoria Victoria knows the connotation of the Dior brand, and continue to use their own creation to reproduce the master of the aesthetic world of everything. Since last year, they began the dialogue between the two men in the form of the 18th century epistolary novels, and the 18th century was the most beloved time for Mr. Dior, the senior custom ladies designer. Between them the first "letter" - Dear Dior fine jewelry series was born. This year, Victoria to Mr. Dior sent a second "letter" - series sequel Cher Dior senior jewelry series. This time, her "text" more intimate, as the series of twenty-one jewelry, compared to the previous Dear Dior series, more sub-fine crafted delicate, with the precious precious stones to create extraordinary Charming and elegant.

Victoria at the beginning of the letter may be written, "my dearest Dior", with intimate "writing" to show Cher Dior series of great respect for the master. Then she may continue to talk about their common love elements in the letter: color. Mr. Dior wrote in his fashion collection, "bright red - scarlet, English mail red, deep red or cherry red, all filled with joy and joy, vibrant youthful atmosphere.Everyone can find a For his own red. "He also said," in the choice of blue to be particularly careful, because this color changes in the sun and light a lot. "Concerned about the details of the integration of fading elements, coordination with color, or hit Color processing ... ... Victoria Victoria skillfully play with the share of Mr. Dior the same for the color of the unique talent. So, all kinds of colors in her pen fusion, shine: red and blue silk fabric wonders into a piece of ruby ​​and sapphire. In all the series, the wonderful gem of the use of techniques will be superb interpretation of the interpretation of the process is so vivid, this series is even more so, using diamonds, manganese aluminum garnet, calcium garnet, Paraiba tourmaline, ruby, emerald , A set of colored sapphires, such as light yellow, dark yellow, light blue, dark purple, and a variety of pink sapphires and so on.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Dior new high-level jewelry Cher Dior series

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