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Rihanna transparent crystal dress behind the secret
Rihanna transparent crystal dress behind the secret

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: This year CFDA American Fashion Designers Award Ceremony, won the fashion icon of the Rihanna wearing nearly 230,000 Swarvoski crystal composition of the dress came to accept the award, chest almost naked, the body curve exposed. From Rihanna's stylist and designer's point of view reveal the story behind this amazing dress.

Rihanna transparent crystal dress behind the secret
Rihanna wearing Swarvoski transparent crystal dress, head wrapped Swarvoski crystal scarf, arms around a pink Pologeorgis fur shawl, feet Monolo Blahnik high heels, wearing Paul Morelli jewelry.

Last week, Bruce Willie and Demi Moore 22-year-old daughter Scout Willis launched a "liberation of the breast" campaign to protest the famous online social platform Instagram's "anti-burst milk" policy. Riha Na this bare shape is also a silent protest - since can not reveal their chest in the Instagram, then took the red carpet to let everyone see enough on-site. Rihanna's stylist Mel Ottenberg explains that he has been accustomed to seeing Rihanna's chest, "I do not know if this is shocking outsiders. I have been around her, so I have been accustomed to seeing her body. She is ready for wearing this dress, but I do not, I prefer fake, still in the adaptation phase.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Rihanna transparent crystal dress behind the secret

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