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Popular new color k gold subversion of traditional expression
Popular new color k gold subversion of traditional expression

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: Fashion K gold with its modeling exaggerated, bold design and positioning fashion and by modern people respected. It is mainly divided into two kinds of K platinum and K gold, which gold (two-color gold, three-color gold and rose gold) by the gold content of 75% of gold and other alloys, hardness higher than pure gold, so some complex production The process can be realized on the finisher. Compared with the traditional gold, platinum, the color is not only bright colors, dazzling, and the price is relatively cheap, coupled with the introduction of business "TM" activities are more attractive, so gold jewelry can win the pursuit of young consumers.

In 2007, the prize money will be the new darling of jewelry trends. Gold with pearl beads, gold with diamonds, gold with zircon, gold with crystal ... ... gold to the imagination of the material combination, the avant-garde and the traditional collision, retro and trendy re-interpretation, people feel To a different feeling of fashion. In addition to the changes in the material composition of the many, the designer in the design of gold jewelry on the whim is also amazing. In the Bao Xin jewelry store, the reporter found a called "happy little turn" of the gold and gold pendants. It consists of three different circles of different colors of concentric circles, each concentric circles are studded with colorful gems, gently shake, concentric circles can also be free to turn, very delicate chic. Choi gold on behalf of the brand for the "ancient name", "Zhou Dasheng", "Zhou new". The following are the same as the "

K-G O L D to subvert the traditional gold ornaments

What is K-G O L D? K-G O L D is 18K gold material of the new interpretation, but also an unprecedented fashion concept, it broke through the traditional gold image, bring more publicity, more self-new gold. 18K gold is pure gold content of 24/18, that is, 75% gold plus 25% of other metal alloy composed of a gold ornaments. K-gold 18K gold with different metal ingredients can be turned out of K platinum, rose gold, pink gold, gold gold, purple, three-color gold and other colorful appearance; more because of its proportion of ingredients perfect, with ductility, plasticity High and easy to deformation, colorful, gorgeous stunning, etc., so that jewelry design can play a complex and exquisite creativity, delicate degree of amazing - such as slender flow like silk, lace-like, serpentine, like striae and other fine Pattern, and a lot of use in the fine fine gold design or gem mosaic and other purposes. Therefore, it can be a variety of modeling K-gold 18K gold jewelry, as all kinds of clothing can match the eye-catching supporting role, especially in the golden Dasheng this year, only K -gold can fit freely in the gold belt, gold shoes, Between the golden costumes.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Popular new color k gold subversion of traditional expression

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