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The beauty of the sea
The beauty of the sea

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: And went to the summer of the water, all of all seems to have intentionally or unintentionally convey the temptation of the ocean. When you put on a section highlights the lines of the heat swimwear, please do not forget to match the ocean full of shiny jewelry, they join, will definitely let the wandering in the blue coast of you, shining bright sun The light.

Elegant faction elements - shiny pearl

Compared to other accessories, the pearl jewelry from the ocean seems to have always maintained a unique noble and elegant image. Therefore, for their own time to show the elegant temperament ladies ladies, the pearl jewelry is definitely the preferred object to wear the seaside.

Special recommendation: a sense of heaven and earth, fire and water, black and white strong contrast, Montblanc launched in this season, black and white magic magic series, so that white freshwater pearls and contains the mysterious charm of the sea Tahitian black pearl luster arbitrary Compared. Bright and charming pearl light hanging in the stream of 18K white gold chain, coupled with the two MontBlanc star buckle composed of unique chain buckle, change into or short chain or long chain string shape, exceptionally elegant and noble.

Nature essential elements - ocean blue

Will be like a deep sea like unpredictable blue wearing upper body, bold and eye-catching color to bring the ocean feeling, even if the homes, you can also be a deep sea atmosphere wrapped.

Special recommendation: Artini this summer with colorful coral and rich natural color as the main tune, put together different natural spar and Fritillaria, while adding the performance of the marine world of biological elements such as starfish, small fish, shellfish and corals And so on, so that the entire summer sunshine smell of the ocean.

Boucheron launched the deep blue gem earrings, peace of color gave birth to the dazzling bright. Swarovski's marine necklace, ring chain hanging all kinds of pendants hanging, hanging and inlaid with authentic color top S-class crystal, metamorphic dazzling luster, such as exposure to the sea in the mermaid princess charming.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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The beauty of the sea

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