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Summer jewelry market changes in fashion and more
Summer jewelry market changes in fashion and more

uploaded by: NOW007

Description: Fashion industry Meng blowing national wind coral red and turquoise blue, then follow the footsteps of fashion jewelry brand became a popular choice. These two materials and diamonds, gold and other collocation, modeling and more are multiple necklaces. Not just coral, any red or light pink luster of the material, are very eye-catching, especially for Asian skin color. While the blue is more ubiquitous, such as turquoise, blue crystal, sapphire, the best partner is platinum, gold.

    The color of pearls is not just white and black pearls, but also pink, silver, green and brown, the color is deep and shallow, so that the design is more layered. After with color gemstones, diamonds, diamonds are more beautiful. Whether it is a long necklace, swaying bracelet, or a three-dimensional three-dimensional ring, are flowing with fashion.

    Light brown and black diamonds are increasingly favored black diamond to make women's attitude more charming, but also highlights the bright color of the gem; or, to a classic "red" and "black" with.

    The larger the ring the more popular personality of the gem, large stars, inlaid gem with a hot ring of the popular index is still high. Ring can be played with pairs of stone pairs, but also by a few ring into a large ring ring, modeling sculpture three-dimensional, very abstract, absolutely attracted the attention of others in the fingers linger.

    Necklace has been accustomed to a variety of shapes simple circle, entangled chain, knotted, and in the neck of the natural stretch, flowing and close. Necklace this time more popular length, accompanied by a large, or tassel-like items, leading to the chest. Or like a coil-like tangled, inlaid with diamonds, gold, colored gemstones.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Summer jewelry market changes in fashion and more

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