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KIA PRO_CEE'D CRDi from KIA Motors Bulgaria
KIA PRO_CEE'D CRDi from KIA Motors Bulgaria

uploaded by: petrov

Description: KIA PRO_CEE'D 1,6D 16V CRDi HPE "EX"
                   The Power to Surprise!

Engine: Turbo Diesel "Common Rail", 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16V
Drive (Actuators): FWD - Front transmission
"Super vision" Digital chainage with TFT LCD Display
RDS radio CD-MP3 2DIN with 6-Loudspeakers              
17-inch aluminum molded wheels, tires - 225/45/R17
LED Daytime running lights
LED Rear stop lights
AFLS Adaptive cornering lights
Additional cornering lights
Fog lights with chrome sockets
Heated rear window with Timer
Heated front wipers
"HID" Xenon headlights with cleaning system
Average consumption: 4,3 L/100 km    
Accelerate 0-100 km/h:10,9 sec.      
Speeds: 6MT                                          
Length:  4 310 mm                                
Width:   1 780 mm                                  
Height:  1 430 mm                                
Weight: 1 385 kg                                  
Tank capacity: 53 L                              

Presented in: Spring campaigns in "The Mall of Sofia"

For contacts:
(02) 962 84 05,  0700 14 777                  service:  (02) 973 46 30
e-mail:                               e-mail:

Source of information: Official information materials of KIA Motors Bulgaria.

photo - personal archive

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KIA PRO_CEE'D CRDi from KIA Motors Bulgaria

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