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THIRION Horse-Drawn Steam Fire Engine - LOUWMAN Museum, The Hague, Netherlands
THIRION Horse-Drawn Steam Fire Engine - LOUWMAN Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

uploaded by: Mathias Zondervan

Description: THIRION Model No.2 Horse-Drawn Steam Fire Engine - 1875 (FR)

LOUWMAN Collection.

It must have been a fantastic sight, two white horses galloping through the streets of Paris, hauling this fire engine. Of course the horses were un-harnessed as soon as the engine arrived at the scene, partly because the reach of the water spray was a mere 25 metres. Nevertheless, the steam pump was a great improvement on the hand-operated pump that was still frequently in use in the mid-19th century. The safety belt fitted to prevent the driver from falling out of the vehicle. It was thanks to the Dutch landscape painter and inventor Jan van der Heyden that fire fighting in the mid-17th century was raised to a higher level of efficiency when he improved the fire hose and the pump system. The first steam-driven water pump was built in England around 1830. The parisian firm THIRION et FILS introduced the steam-driven fire pump in France in 1867.

Source of information: Louwman Museum, The Hague.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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THIRION Horse-Drawn Steam Fire Engine - LOUWMAN Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

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