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Pablo Picasso and David Douglas Duncan
Pablo Picasso and David Douglas Duncan

uploaded by: Amelie

Description: The Museum of Art and History (Musée d'Art et d'Histoire) - Geneva, Switzerland presents an exclusive exhibition of the works of two great artists Pablo Picasso and the photographer David Douglas Duncan. The photographs of David Douglas Duncan enables us to peer into the artistic world of Picasso and they are made mainly in villa La Californie, Cannes, 1957.
When looking at this exhibition, the arranged black-and-white photographs of David Douglas Duncan... and beside them... the originals of the works shown in colors, the impact of this exhibition is unique! There are shown more than 200 original works of Picasso - paintings, drawings, bronze sculptures and sculptures on wood, ceramics and paper ...
Perhaps only once in the life can be seen so much original works by Picasso, collected in one space - one different artistic world, whose powerful symbolism goes beyond conventional perception and raises questions on basic life and artistic values. After this exhibition the world definitely looks different....

on the photo – Pablo Picasso “Bathers at La Garoupe, 1957, Oil on canvas, 196 x 261 cm,
Geneva, Museum of Art and History, Don from Marina Picasso, pages 214 and 215 in the Catalog "Picasso à l'œuvre dans l'objectif de David Douglas Duncan».

Source of information: MAHG and the Catalog "Picasso à l'œuvre dans l'objectif de David Douglas Duncan», ISBN 978-2-07-013894-4, 2012

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Pablo Picasso and David Douglas Duncan

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