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Binnenhof (Ridderzaal or Knight's Hall) in The Hague, Netherlands
Binnenhof (Ridderzaal or Knight's Hall) in The Hague, Netherlands

uploaded by: Monique van Veldegem

Description: The Knight's Hall and the Fountain in the courtyard of the Binnenhof.

In March, 2014 was completed 200 years the Constitution of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

The legislature is implemented by the two Chambers of Parliament, collectively referred the States-General (Staten-Generaal). The States-General met at a general meeting at least once a year at the opening of the parliamentary year. Meetings are in Ridderzaal  (Knight's Hall) in Binnenhof. In the Knight's Hall are held the important political events. There, The Monarch makes his throne speech at the beginning of the parliamentary year.

The history of the Binnenhof is associated with the romantic era of the medieval chivalry. Ever, at the beginning of the second millennium, the territories near the present city of The Hague were occupied by lush forests and vast plains. Then, in this place, there was a small village. Dutch Count Wilhelm II chooses this village as a starting point when hunting in the vast forests around and he built a castle. His son Floris V complements the complex with the Knight's Hall, built in 1280 for organizing the royal festivities. Now they are located in the center the inner courtyard of the Binnenhof, surrounded by medieval buildings, where today houses the two Chambers of Parliament, the seat of the Government and other state organizations.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Binnenhof (Ridderzaal or Knight's Hall) in The Hague, Netherlands

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