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CERN (The Universe of Particles) - Geneva, Switzerland
CERN (The Universe of Particles) - Geneva, Switzerland

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: Research into particle physics provides an opportunity to know better the four fundamental power interactions in physics: the weak nuclear interaction, electromagnetic, strong nuclear interaction and gravity. Discovered in 1983, W and Z bosons in 1984 brought a Nobel Prize of Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer.
W (W +, W-) bosons are responsible for the flow of current between the charged particles, charged by +1, and another by -1 with a simple load. W + is the antiparticle of the W-. Z boson is electrically neutral and antiparticle of itself. Their duration of life is relatively short - about 3 x 10-25 s. In the LHC, under appropriate conditions Z boson decaying to electron and anti-electron.

Source of information: Official information materials and publications of CERN.

photo - personal archive by source-materials of CERN (Credit: CERN).

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CERN (The Universe of Particles) - Geneva, Switzerland

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