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CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland
CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – the most powerful accelerator is located 100 meters below ground, ring 27 km in circumference, in the northwest of Geneva on the border between Switzerland and France. When the temperature in the tunnel is to near absolute zero of 1,9 K (- 271 ° C), the coils are superconducting, and a current of 11,700 A creates a magnetic field of 8,3 T pointing in opposite directions in each beam pipe.
9300 superconducting magnets to accelerate the particles up to the speed of the light and produce collisions between elementary particles - protons.

ATLAS Experiment project is an ambitious international scientific program of the 3000 scientists from 174 universities and laboratories from 38 countries.

The physicists of CERN observe the collisions of protons with four huge detectors: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb.

In June 1999, the excavation works have started, 100 m below ground level, for the installation of the ATLAS detector: 25 m wide, 44 m long and 25 m high.
In summer 2003, hundreds of people work around the clock. This includes thousands of kilometers of cables, fibres and pipes connecting the support systems to the detectors, requiring thousands of delicate instalation and mounting operations.

Source of information: Official information materials and publications of CERN.

photo - personal archive by source-materials (simulated image) of CERN (Credit: CERN).

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CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland

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