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CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland
CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) comprises four main components: the Inner Detector, the Calorimeters, the Muon Spectrometer, Solenoidal and Toroidal Magnets, and data acquisition and Computing

Some Facts
ATLAS Cavern is 53 m long, 35 m high (10-story building), 30 m wide and 90-100 m below ground, ring in a tunel 27 km in circumference.

Size and Weight of Detector: Diameter: 25 m, Length: 46 m, Overal weight: 7000 tonnes, 3000 km of cables.

The Set of Toroid Magnets weighs 1 300 tonnes and has 1.6 GJ of stored energy: to melt 64 tonnes of lead or 2 000 cars cruising at 100 km/h, or of the whole ATLAS magnet if it were "Flying" at 180 km/h, 80 km of superconducting cable in magnets.

Barrel Toroid Magnets: 25 m length, 20 m outer diameter, 830 tonnes weight.
End-cap Toroid Manets: 5 m axial length, 11 m outer diameter, 240 tonnes weight each

Bunches of protons cross 40 million times a second. Each bunch contains 10¹¹ protons. About one billion proton-proton collisions per second occur in the detector.

1980s - the Idea, 1997 - Contruction starting, 2003 - Installation in the pit starting, 2008 - First LHC beam, 2009 - First 0.9 TeV collisions, 2010 - First 7 TeV collisions

Source of information: Official information materials and publications of CERN.

photo - personal archive by source-materials (simulated image) of CERN (Credit: CERN).

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CERN - The collaboration ATLAS Experiment (Large Hadron Collider), Geneva, Switzerland

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