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CERN - ATLAS Visitor Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
CERN - ATLAS Visitor Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: In this building at CERN, visitors can receive interesting information about the unique research which are held in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the Project ATLAS Collaboration.

Access visits is obtained by filing an application to the CERN by special procedure, then CERN notify you if you are in the groups of visitors, and date of visit. Typically the procedure lasts about 35-40 days.

Maybe it's not long before scientists, facing a great discovery, could confirm experimentally the existence of dark matter - a substance that is responsible, by theoretical grounds, for a quarter of the mass of Universe and can be "traced" only indirectly by its gravitational effect, according Newsru. Alpha-AMS-02 spectrometer on board of the International Space Station is indicated manifestation of this effect, but CERN scientists believe that is need to be confirmed the origin of the trove, reported in of CERN's site. During the experiment, there was cooled the negatively charged antiprotons (reverse version of the hydrogen nucleus) and compress them in a "cloud" around 22 mm long and 1.4 mm in diametar. They have been encountered with such a cloud of positrons. Both types of particles are formed atoms of hydrogen antimatter, effectively "trapped" in a magnetic "bottle" to 1/6 of a second. According to theory of the British physicist Paul Dirac (1931), the antimatter is matter composed of antiparticles, which have opposite electric charge. If the particle and antiparticle come into contact, they annihilate and all their rest mass is converted into energy, which led to the emergence of other pairs of particles and antiparticles, or flies away form of electromagnetic radiation.

Announced data from scientists at CERN:
1995: Establishment of the first antimatter atoms (atoms of antihydrogen) - experiment PS210.
2010: Isolation of 38 atoms of antihydrogen.
2011: Keeping antihydrogen for more than 15 minutes.

Matter, antimatter, dark matter ... we are just in front of the great mysteries of Universe!
According to current scientific understanding of the early Universe, matter and antimatter were in equal amounts, but their complete opposites in charge. Then they should be completely annihilated and remain a energy behind them! Whence then this whole infinite Universe from matter, potentially containing within itself immeasurable energy!? Whether we are looking for the answer to the correct referred question?
Forthcoming to know. And maybe sooner than we imagine, it's possible!

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CERN - ATLAS Visitor Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

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