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Musée d'Histoire des sciences (MHS) - Genève, Suisse
Musée d'Histoire des sciences (MHS) - Genève, Suisse

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: We, the people of modern civilization, we live in an era when almost every day become scientific discoveries. But we rarely think about the contribution of those explorers, pioneers in their field, for their audacity and impulse to the discovery, for those who laid the foundation of scientific knowledge on which subsequent generations of scientists have developed the sciences, so to can we to see the World as it is today!

The museum gives us the opportunity to see some of the first technological specimens in the field of astronomy, electricity, electromagnetism, measuring devices, etc..

Passing from room to room in the Museum, one is filled with a rare sense of pride, admiration, homage and reverence!

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Source of information: MHS
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Musée d'Histoire des sciences (MHS) - Genève, Suisse

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Anonymous 2013-02-23 10:54:14

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Daneliya 2013-02-22 17:48:46

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Anonymous 2013-02-21 02:19:12

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