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Literature, poetry .... without which we can not! Anything can pass, but the words remain! They have given us many moments of beautiful impressions, vivid pictures, excitements, travel in unknown worlds and adventures. You also have favorite writers, works, literary heroes and your preferred books of poetry! This is a space to share about it!
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Castle of Voltaire / Château de Voltaire / in Ferney, France
Castle of Voltaire / Château de Voltaire / in Ferney, France

uploaded by: Daneliya

Description: In the Castle of Voltaire / Château de Voltaire / in Ferney, France are kept unique specimens of the first editions of the most famous works of Voltaire and Rousseau.

Castle of Voltaire / Château de Voltaire / was a place of creative meetings and discussions, here there was a lively correspondence between Voltaire and Rousseau, discussions on the innovative and philosophical views of literary and artistic value criteria for new trends in the literature in 18th century.

It is impossible not to be excited when you're near these relics, emitting a sense of history, results of the creative inspiration and freedom-loving spirit of two of the greatest writers of the Enlightenment - Voltaire and Rousseau.

Source of information: Historical
monument "Castle of Voltaire" /Château de Voltaire/,  Centre of the National Monuments, France

photo - personal archive

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Castle of Voltaire / Château de Voltaire / in Ferney, France

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