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Literature, poetry .... without which we can not! Anything can pass, but the words remain! They have given us many moments of beautiful impressions, vivid pictures, excitements, travel in unknown worlds and adventures. You also have favorite writers, works, literary heroes and your preferred books of poetry! This is a space to share about it!
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The monument of Dante Alighieri in Verona, Italy
The monument of Dante Alighieri in Verona, Italy

uploaded by: Valleri

Description: Dante Alighieri - Italian poet, author of "Divine Comedy"  /"La Divina Commedia"/.

Born in 1265 in Florence, Italy.
In the late medieval /13th century / Florentine state was torn by political strife and unrest.
Dante was condemned and forced into exile. Due to various circumstances, Dante never returned to his native Florence.
He receives political patronage in Verona and Ravenna.

Dante is perhaps the most outstanding representative of Italian progressive thought and literature from the early Renaissance.
He died in 1321 in Ravenna, Italy.

photo - personal archive

The monument of Dante Alighieri in Verona, Italy

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