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Pendulum-Vase BREGUET and son, Grand Curtius Museum, Liège
Pendulum-Vase BREGUET and son, Grand Curtius Museum, Liège

uploaded by: Leonard

Description: Pendulum-Vase BREGUET and son.

Unique Pendulum-Vase BREGUET and son. The Swiss watch-master Abraham-Luis Breguet is considered the most illustrious watchmaker of all times.
Pendulum in the shape of a vase with Turkish numeric dial, in polychrome porcelain from the Darte brothers' factory in Paris. This unique piece, recorded in the Brequet archives under No. 954 dated October 20, 1814, was made for sultan Mahmut II in Constantinople.
The Breguet's No.160 Grand Complication, known as the Marie-Antoinette or the Queen, is watch designed by famous Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Collection Pendulums in thе Grand Curtius Musеum, Salon Baron and Baroness François Duesberg.

Watchmaker: Abraham-Luis Breguet (1747 - 1823).
Manufacture: DARTE brothers' factory, Paris.

Donation: Baron and Baroness François Duesberg.

Source of information: Grand Curtius Museum, Liège, Belgium.

Author (source) of image: Personal archive

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Pendulum-Vase BREGUET and son, Grand Curtius Museum, Liège

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